The Battle for the 21st Century King of Pop: Selena vs. Hailey


Edited by: Adedeji Oluwafemi


When discussing the all-time king of pop, we can all agree that the title goes to the icon, Michael Jackson. However, a new sheriff in town has earned his right as the 21st-century King of Pop. Take a bow, Justin Bieber. However, despite this young man’s mammoth achievements and massive fanbase, his love life seems to be quite the challenge.


Over the years, Justin’s love life has been under so much scrutiny, with his wife, Hailey Bieber, and ex, Selena Gomez, seemingly battling it out.


Just so you know, it’s been four years since Justin and Hailey married. By now, you will think the saga between these two is over. Well, Jailey (Justin and Hailey fans) and Selenator (Selena fans) definitely have a contrary opinion.


The Genesis

Where did it all start?! There was a time when everything was as peaceful as paradise between these three. Did you know that Hailey was once a Jelena? Yeah, Hailey was a Justin and Selena fan. When Justin surprised Selena with a dinner and a movie date at Staple Center on September 23, 2011, that night Hailey tweeted, “Selena and Justin love as a definition of a teenage dream. “


Then again, in January 2012, she showed her fan girl spirit by writing, “She is beyond flawless, and he’s you know…….. he is Bieber. So they are in an excellent relationship”. But she never knew she would say  “I do” to Justin six years later. And boom! All hate was let loose.


Thanks to some keen-eyed Twitter users, some 26-year-old model tweets about her hubby and his ex came into the limelight. However, neither Hailey nor Selena responded to any of these tweets.


Well, let’s just say some of her tweets seemed quite hateful, and while she didn’t direct them at anyone, fans were quick to link these tweets to Selena. Well, being in the limelight comes with some sacrifice. And with Selena’s large army of fans, Hailey catches the heat with every suspicious move or tweet she makes.


The Cause of the “War”

You leave that to their fans. While these women are busy with their careers, their devotees look for every moment to dissect these two superstars’ lives to confirm their hatred for each other.


They scrutinize every Instagram post, turn inside out every lyric, and analyze every Tik Tok video for hints or signs of hate. Have you seen it all? Probably not! These followers bombard Gomez and Hailey’s social media comment sections and show loyalty by roasting anyone opposing their respective queens.


Well, this is exhausting and childish! Of course, that is what an average person would say. But Selenators and Jaileys don’t see it like that. That’s the only way to show their devotion to their queens.


In 2022 everyone was hoping for peace between these two celebs when Hailey attended the comedy podcast; Call Her Daddy. There she made it clear that Justin never cheated on the 30-year-old pop star and that they never had any ill intentions against each other.


But it’s a cap. Everyone knows that! And as expected, the truce did not last long. The eagle-eye Selenators soon discover a post where Mrs. Bieber was lip-syncing with Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye with these lyrics” I’m not saying she deserves it……. But I’m saying God’s timing is always right”.


She made this video around when Gomez’s weight gain (caused by her lupus medication) flashed around the internet. From your point of view, it’s just a harmless video where they are just having fun. There is nothing wrong with it! Or so we thought.


But Selena fans attribute the video to the model body shaming her and, of course, spark banter between their fans. But this 26-year-old model commented that it was just a random Tiktok video they did while enjoying their girl’s night. It’s not about anyone.


And Selena also quenched this saga in the comment session by saying, “It’s okay! I don’t let these things get me down. Be nice to everybody!”


Kylie Gets Caught in the Crossfire

Kyline Jenner also got caught in the crossfire of the Selena vs. Hailey battle. This happened when Selena posted a selfie on her Insta story just a few hours with the caption” Was this an accident?????” written over her eyebrow.


Not quite long a screenshot of Kylie and Hailey on facetime was seen on her Insta story with the camera zoomed on their eyebrows. Well, isn’t this too much of a coincidence???? Selena’s fans thought it was more than a coincidence.


A sharp eye TikTok user @devotedly.yours claimed that these two friends are casting shade at Gomez.


But Kylie quickly refutes these claims by commenting,” This is reaching! No shades towards Selena. I didn’t see her eyebrow post! You guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly”.


And the 30-year-old musician quickly shut down the rivalry by replying to Jenner’s post, saying she’s a fan of Kylie. However, that comment didn’t stop Selena from speaking up for her best friend when a video resurfaced where Hailey was gagging at the mention of Taylor Swift during the Drop Mic rap battle. Thus this post made Selena fans term Hailey the #mean girl.


Selena was fed up with all the drama. I mean, who won’t be? So she wrote that she’s taking a break from social media, stating she’s too old to participate in this behavior. However, she had a quick change of heart, posting just a few days after.


The Birthday Party Saga

In the latest twist of events, we have the drama at Justin’s 29th birthday party. Selena didn’t attend the party. Well, who will attend an ex’s birthday party anyway, except the person is in for some sizzling drama? However, that doesn’t stop her name from being mentioned. Well, to be fair, her name wasn’t mentioned directly. One of the souvenirs Justin shared had this caption “I’m grateful I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted .” Well, who/what didn’t Justin want? Your guess is as good as ours.


This caption made the fans wonder whether he was indirectly referring to Gomez or if it was just an odd coincidence. No one can tell….. Amidst that, Selena updated her fans about her mental health, thanking them and expressing her love for them. She also begged them to be kinder with their words and consider others’ mental health.


While we can’t tell when all this drama will end, it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon. Well, we’ll always be here to update you on how it goes.





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