Providing Better Support for Veteran Actors and Other Professionals in the Entertainment Industry 

Edited by: Adedeji Oluwafemi


Hollywood is the father of iconic movies and television series. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the legendary wizard eight series Harry Potter, the epic love story in The Titanic, and the humorous scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean? 


However, the entertainment industry has never been a place for the weak. Behind the scenes, many actors and professionals, including veterans who have been in the entertainment industry for many years, find it hard to navigate their way through. 


And as younger generations continue dominating the entertainment industry, veterans and other professionals struggle to keep their work. 


This article highlights the problems the veteran actors face and the support that government officials and the entertainment industry can offer them. A glass of fruit juice is not harmful to keep you company while going over this write-up. 

Challenges of Veterans and Other Professionals in the Entertainment Industry

While many veteran actors in Hollywood have successful careers, they still face some challenges in the industry. After all, there is no solution without a problem. Let’s dive into these problems. 

  1. Age               
    Ageism is one of the most significant challenges faced by veteran actors and other professionals in Hollywood. The age of the actor determines his role. Once you are old, finding roles in the industry is difficult.Therefore, these actors’ opportunities are minimal compared to the younger generations. And this can dampen the spirit and dreams of the actors. They feel frustrated and annoyed. Also, because of their age, it might take a lot of work to keep up with the latest technological advancement trends in the industry.
  1. Typecasting
    Typecasting is another challenge veterans face. When an actor has stayed in the entertainment industry for a long time, these actors maintain an image that makes them popular among their fans. It can be both a blessing or a fault to the actors.However,  many veteran actors may find it hard to come out of this shell. They often play a specific role or genre, which prevents them from exploring different characters and trying something new. Ultimately, the actors and other professionals might lose interest in what was once their passion. 
  2. Staying Relevant in the Industry     

    The entertainment industry is ever-evolving; what was trending a few years ago might become irrelevant today. Therefore the veteran actors might find it challenging to keep up with the latest trends and technology. And as a result, getting high-paying movie roles might be challenging. So most of them end up struggling with their financial career.

What are the Best Ways to Support Veteran Actors and Professionals? 

Every problem must have a solution. Having highlighted the problem veterans face, the industry can support these people in various ways.

  1. Provide Training and Resources
    Entertainment is constantly developing. Therefore providing extra resources and training programs will help the veterans blend with the latest technologies and trends.Providing skills like industry training courses, mentorship programs, and various development opportunities will help these actors build the needed skills that will help them survive in the industry. Also, the industry can organize workshops on new acting styles and even classes on the latest production methods. 
  2. Create More Roles for Veteran Actors
    Another way the industry can help veteran actors and professionals in the entertainment industry is by tailoring more roles specifically for these people. Many older actors struggle to find a suitable plot that fits, but when producers and directors create roles where these actors can showcase their skills, and experience in the industry, it shows their support and keeps these actors busy in the industry.Furthermore, creating roles for older actors ensures these actors contribute their wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Who knows! Their skills might be what Hollywood fans want. 
  3. Recognize and Honor Veteran Actors and other Professionals
    Veteran actors and other professionals have been in the entertainment industry for a long time. These individuals are like the foundation of the industry, and their experiences and talents are top-notch. Therefore recognizing and honoring their contribution is a good thing.It shows how much you appreciate and value these actors’ talents and hard work in the industry. You can appreciate these individuals by organizing award shows, tributes, and other events to celebrate their achievements. Doing so will encourage the veterans to do more and continue to give their best.
  4. Encourage Diversity and Inclusivity
    Creating various opportunities for actors from different backgrounds is another way to support veteran actors and professionals in the industry. Doing so will help reduce talented actors’ difficulties and help them have successful careers regardless of age, ethnicity, and gender. 
  5. Provide Financial Assistance
    Many older actors suffer financial imbalance, especially when they cannot get steady jobs. Therefore the industry can support by organizing financial assistance such as pensions, scholarships,  or emergency funds.Also, various organizations such as The Entertainment Community Fund and SAG-AFTRA Foundation assist veteran actors financially and provide counseling and other assistance. Therefore the industry can support these organizations and ensure veteran actors can continue working. 
  6. Provide  Healthcare and Other Benefits
    Not all veterans have access to healthcare and other benefits. Therefore it’s okay if the industry provides health benefits and extras such as wellness programs and discounted gym memberships. They will surely appreciate it.Aside from the industry supporting the veterans, the government can also provide support.  

    • The government can fund the training and development programs established for the veterans. 
    • They can also offer tax incentives to production companies that hire these people.
    • The government can also create programs that allow veteran actors and other professionals to network with various experts in the entertainment industry. 
    • Also, some veteran actors may decide to start their businesses such as production companies or talent agencies. The government can support this business through grants,  loans, and comprehensive mentorship programs. 
    • Another way the government can support veteran actors is by providing funding for arts. These funds can come in grants, tax breaks, or other monetary incentives for producing movies, TV shows, and other entertainment. Doing so will provide more roles for veteran actors and promote inclusivity and diversity in the entertainment industry. 

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to support veteran actors and other professionals in the industry. The government and the industry have a role to play in this regard. Therefore taking the necessary steps to support older actors will benefit the industry- they will tap into the valuable skills and experience the veterans bring to the table that will help them now and in years to come.


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