Top 10 Roles of Social Media in the Marketing Industry

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Edited by: Omotosho Ayotomiwa

According to research by Global WebIndex, at least half of the world (59%) uses social media, equating to 4.76 billion people. It has grown to be a significant platform used for personal connections and business because of its increased power. Its emergence has wholly changed the conduct of marketing worldwide.

This article highlights the numerous aspects of social media and its significance, especially in the marketing sector.

The Best Social Media Platforms for the Nigerian Marketing Sector

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There are numerous Social Media platforms in use, each with its characteristics. The major platforms used for marketing in Nigeria include:


  • WhatsApp: Whatsapp is currently the most popular marketing technique for company advertising, with about 90 million users in Nigeria. With Whatsthe App business app, small businesses can offer customer service, interact with customers, and even update them about their purchases.
  • Facebook: Facebook is a sure bet for any company seeking to increase sales through e-commerce marketing. Both individuals and organisations widely use Facebook groups to gather customers or communities in one place online. 
  • YouTube: The most popular video hosting site in Nigeria is Youtube. This website offers almost anything, including first-person product reviews, commercials, and “how-to” guides for virtually any topic or field.
  • LinkedIn: Similar to résumés, professionals use LinkedIn profiles to share content pertinent to their industry or job rather than personal updates. It is a great location to meet potential partners, professionals, employees, customers, and suppliers and stay updated on business or industry news.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a microblogging tool essential for expanding businesses with features like Tags, Twitter space, Twitter analytics, trends etc. It helps you connect with other users and immediately reach a large audience through tweets and retweets, as well as keep up with the work of other subject-matter experts.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the most successful platform for influencer marketing. It has features like reels, ads, posts etc., that will help promote your company to the appropriate audience and draw in other business owners with related interests.

10 Major Impacts of Social Media in the Marketing Sector

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Social media has become a powerful platform because it plays a significant role in nearly all businesses. Here are the top 10 parts of social media in the marketing industry:

Better Reach to Customers

Utilising social media allows you to reach out to potential clients efficiently and enable you to investigate and learn more about them. Additionally, it assists businesses in developing strategies that could more effectively target individuals. Better reach to customers offers companies a marketing chance that bypasses the conventional middleman and puts them in direct contact with customers.

Product Launching

Social media serves as a platform for content promotion and launching new goods. The audience always values and strives for high-quality products and information. You create promotional texts, videos, or images to promote your company and connect with potential customers.

Customer Involvement and Purchasing Decision

Social media platforms can create the right conditions for customer engagement with goods or services. Across cultures, higher degrees of involvement leads to more complex decision-making processes. These platforms offer a chance to clarify any misunderstandings that might have been a barrier to customers’ purchasing choices.

Gateway to Innovation

Social media gives businesses insight into the opinions and experiences of their customers, which encourages them to create new, innovative ideas. Additionally, it guarantees that you maintain an advantage over your rivals while developing your social media strategies and offering the best products to your clients.

Track Keeping

All significant social networks have analytics features that offer demographic data about the users engaging with your account. Marketing analytics is critical for assessing the performance of a business.  Additionally, it monitors traffic or lead generation directed through social media. A company could quickly look for any false material and respond appropriately.track keeping

Easy Connections and Referrals

Businesses have the opportunity to mine connections and information from social networks using databases of customers from platforms.  Social media sites also assist in finding employees or suppliers. Social media platforms also help companies in self-promotion by advertising customers who value and prefer doing business with them. Self-promotion is a simple way to increase company referrals.

Influencing Through Partnership

The popularity of social media has aided in spreading the word about your brand or establishment online. People who are crazy about your company can easily approach the business. Working with prominent individuals with many social media followers and who can persuade these followers to follow your brand is a crucial way to increase word-of-mouth on social media. Such measures will boost trust and set the stage for higher sales.

Room for Feedback

Using social media for marketing helps companies get in direct contact with their target market and invite them to share their experiences so they can learn from them and improve their products.  Participating in such forums allows businesses to identify problems and implement solutions.

Promotes Brand Image and Brand Awareness

Marketing on social media has changed how we think about brands as well. A business can gather customer feedback, build a brand presence, and learn how consumers view and discuss its brands to meet requirements and develop enduring brand relationships.

Boosts SEO Ranking

Social media usage significantly determines search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimising your website and updating your blog regularly is no longer enough to guarantee influential rankings in SEO. By posting your content on social media, you can convey a signal to search engines that reflects your brand’s reliability, honesty, and consistency.

Saves Cost

Social media marketing is significantly more affordable than traditional offline marketing channels. Establishing an account and subscription to almost all social networks is free. Your conversion rate can increase considerably with little time and financial commitment, and you will eventually see a return on your investment.


The use of social media is not just a fad. Instead, it has demonstrated its significance in developing a brand’s connection with its audience, attracting new clients, encouraging remarketing, using sophisticated marketing techniques, and maximising the potential for brand expansion. This article contains everything you need to know about social media in the marketing industry.

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