Visit This 5 Places Before Leaving OAU

Edited by: Paul Moronfola

Great Ife is indeed Africa’s most beautiful campus. To us and many others, especially its student, the great citadel of learning is more than a campus. Why not call it an enigmatic tourist centre located in Osun state. Based on the popular saying “let OAU pass through you as you pass through it,” we believe you didnt complete your stay on this great institution without visiting the following places. So, even though you are done with induction, or graduation, let your feet rest on the soil that graces these places before you return to your base.

1. Faculty of Environmental Design and Management (EDM)

Unless you are a student of EDM, I doubt you have set your eyes on the wondrous elements that is located at the old EDM buildings. There is something about this faculty’s surroundings. It feels like some kind of amusement park. Here, you’ll find a lot of artworks made from scraps and recycled materials, artefacts such as the colourful scrap beetle car known for being the highlight of every birthday photoshoot.

The new EDM building does not really have much of the artefacts and materials. Maybe it has been infected with the boring-ness associated with the Faculty of Pharmacy located beside it. However, another thing it gains from the bookworm faculty is being the best site for pictures. 

2. Department of Fine Arts

Of course, it’s a Department of Fine Arts and is expected to be FINE. From the outside to its inside, this department drips beauty and glory. There are so many art exhibits to see and take pictures with. It might be nothing close to Nike Art Gallery in terms of size, but the quality of art there is worth raising shoulders for.

This department is just at the Faculty of EDM. It’s quite unfortunate that not many people have been privileged to be there. Just make sure you don’t remain among the unprivileged (try to tone the meaning down small).

3. OAU Historical Museum

We bet most of you didn’t know the popular OAU museum is actually called A. G. Leventis Museum of Natural History. It has one of the most beautiful structures on campus. The first thing that comes to mind on seeing it is a spider.

This must-see place is located on the part of campus that leads to Road 1, somewhere between Pharmacy and PGLT. It is very easy to identify. It is accessible from 9am to 4pm. While going there, don’t forget to hold your N200 entrance fee. Nothing good comes free, you know? There’s always a price.

4. OAU Zoo

Who needs GEO wildlife when you have OAU Zoo? Okay, just kidding. The zoo isn’t all that, but it is still something, especially for one who hasn’t been to a zoo before. Have you ever seen a Lion? No?  Then you should visit OAU Zoo whenever you are around. It doesn’t matter that they are all bones and look like carcasses that belong to a museum. A lion is a lion. You will get to see other animals too, all for a meagre fee of N200. 

5. Spider Building

If we could describe this building in two words, it would be “Ancient beauty.” But why would a building be named spider? What relationship exists between a building and a spider? Here goes your answer; the structure! The magnificent ancient building could pass for a giant spider. 

Spider building is one of OAU’s unique structures and is located at the far end of the school, close to the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. This building is made up of three departments in the Faculty of Technology. The departments are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Material Science and Engineering.

If you’re in for some Resident Evil Village experience, you should visit the building at night. Calm down, nothing evil will happen to you, it’s just that the building can appear spooky at night. But even though! Even though! Darkness ain’t got nothing on Spider’s beauty.


We have recommended five places to you; if you haven’t been to at least three of them as an OAU student, you should be worried. In fact, we are concerned. You need to add these places to your itinerary. Whenever you make it to these places, do well to document them and share your experiences with us. 

If you think we left out a place, forgive us, and please, share with us in the comments.

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