ASUU Strike’s Boredom? Top Fun Activities to Engage In

‘When two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers…’

Edited by Ayotomiwa Omotosho

We may have needed a respite from the rigours of academic life, but we certainly didn’t want a strike that has lasted more than three months and counting! The continual fight between the federal government and ASUU always leaves the students of public universities at the receiving end. 

While we do not influence this, we can at least control what we do during the strike. Many people insist that every university student master a skill during this strike. This is great, but who says you can’t master a skill and have fun? Here are six fun activities you can engage in during the strike.

1. Go on Vacations or Outings

This is still my favourite pastime. Going on vacations can assist in removing the dreary thoughts and ideas that arise from doing nothing. A change of scenery and atmosphere can help the mind relax.

There is bound to be somewhere you have wanted to see, and this break is a fantastic time to do so. There are several budget-friendly vacation options available to you. One intriguing aspect of this is that you may choose to go solo or with pals, which adds to the fun. It could mean visiting a different city, state, or even nation.

While vacations may appear out of reach for some, a simple outing does not have to be. Parks, resorts, and museums are all great choices. You may perhaps try a new restaurant in your area. Whatever you choose, don’t spend the entire time indoors. Go out there, explore, and meet new people. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your ‘soulmate.’

2. Hit the Gym

Hot Summer body loading.

You’ve been blaming your belly fat on late-night eating, but now that you don’t have any classes, you can eat earlier, right? If you have always desired to bulk up your muscles and torso or shed off that extra fat, now is the time to do it. There’s no academic wahala stopping you from achieving your perfect shape.

While this may not appear to be fun as you groan in pain from your body, consider how much better you’ll feel months later. During that period, you can wear outfits that show off your new hot summer figure; lovely! Losing fat is essential for a healthy life; thus, going to the gym does not have to be for aesthetic reasons. Obesity is linked to a variety of chronic illnesses.

Because we are basically doing nothing during the strike, we will likely gain weight. As a result, going to the gym should be a part of our daily routine during the strike. If you don’t want to go to the gym, there are some simple workouts you may do at home. Remember that a happy existence requires a healthy body!

3. Visit the Cinema/See Movies

Lovers of movie series, where hath thou?

I have heard many students complain that they couldn’t keep up on their favourite movie series because of upcoming exams or tests. Now that there is a strike, what are you waiting for? Binge on that series while you munch away on a big bowl of popcorn.

You could have a fantastic time organising a movie night with buddies. Suppose you prefer outings; visiting a cinema to see a new movie should be top on your to-do list this break. It would be great as Nollywood and Hollywood keep releasing fantastic films that would blow your minds out.

Movies have always been a chance to escape reality and enter the realm of fantasy. Undoubtedly, the ASUU strike situation is terrible enough, but watching incredible movies might help distract you from your worries.

4. Social Media Spree

Surfing the internet is always pure bliss.

Being active on the internet is a fun way to make the most of the strike. You can cruise your way through Twitter, spend long hours watching Instagram reels, or binge on Tik-Tok videos. You could add your favourite snacks to the equation and call it a ‘social media spree.’ Believe me when I say that doing this will never bore you.

Even if you’re not a social media person, now is the best time to build your online profile. You can sell your skills and businesses online using apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. What a fantastic way to make money while having a good time.

Getting daily gossip and gist on celebrities can be fun to pass the time. Imagine arguing with your best friend about the gender of SeyiShay’s child, and then SeyiShay gives birth to a baby girl. It’s certainly interesting. You don’t want news, important information, or trending gossip flying by this strike. So make sure you have a strong online presence.

5. Hangout with Friends

Academic pressures can make it challenging to keep up with your friends. Because of a lack of constant communication, some friendships and relationships may have been strained. But who can blame you when you have a mountain of assignments to complete or notes to read. At that point, hanging out with friends is the last thing on your mind.

This strike is a great time to catch up with friends. You can go out with your friends, have night outs, discuss important issues, attend parties, or do anything else. It is a great way to pass the time and have fun during the break.

6. Go for Parties/ Shows

There is no way I’m going to wrap up this list without mentioning parties. During this time, a lot of university executives throw big parties. You can choose to go to all of them or go to a few at a time. But make sure you don’t miss out on such an opportunity.

If your favourite celebrity is coming to perform at your school, now is the time to go without guilt. Do you know why you should go to one? Because you don’t have much of an excuse, and it’s a fun way to spend your vacation.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it, fellas! The top six ways to have a good time during the ASUU strike. Nothing can compare to progress in our academic lives, but sometimes, we have no control over it. Thus, instead of getting worked-up over uncontrollable external factors, why not go out there and have some fun?


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