Best Spots for Group Discussions in OAU Campus

Edited by: Ayotomiwa Omotosho

As university students, the concepts of reading and group discussions are not new to us. Group discussions can be organised for several reasons. It could be to help that unserious friend who didn’t come for any of the classes or an extra tutorial organised by senior colleagues. It could also be to share individual ideas on the topic discussed in class. 

Whatever the reason is, you will agree with me that a good location is crucial to the success of a group discussion. So before you choose any random location, here are the best spots for group discussion on the OAU campus.


The Health Sciences Lecture Theatres are popular places for day and night reading, and several departments use them for classes. There are 3 of them, named A, B, and C. While A and B are superb for reading alone, HSLT C is great for group discussions. It’s one of OAU’s biggest lecture theatres, which makes it a great spot. 

It has three columns of recently renovated seats that ensure you and your discussion buds can get comfortable. Considering most discussions are at night, it’s great to know that HSLT C is a well-lit and well-ventilated lecture theatre. So you need not worry about lightning and heat.

It’s not all good news, though. Being a large lecture theatre, HSLT C is often used for lectures. Therefore, you must plan that discussion for after 5 pm, or you might not be able to use it. Also, HSLT C is pretty far from food and snack vendors, so make sure to buy them on your way down, or you might all have that discussion with rumbling stomachs. The lecture theatre is located in a place with a lot of vegetation; great for landscape and ventilation, also great for mosquitoes. Never forget your sock!


These are the twin medium-sized lecture theatres (Auditoriums) belonging to the Faculty of Arts. AUD is short for AUDITORIUM. A lot of OAU students, especially stalites, won’t associate AUD I & II with discussions. They’ll most likely think of concerts, ASUU meetings, and religious services. Thing is, what makes them great for those programs also makes them great for group discussions. 

They have cushy chairs, good lighting, and although not all the fans work, AUD I & II were designed to give you an airy feeling. So, I doubt you’ll miss the fans. These lecture theatres are great for group discussions because many people typically do not use them. As with HSLT C, AUD I & II are far from perfect. Mosquitoes can be a problem. Then occasionally, religious services and other meetings might disrupt your discussion plans.


Defying the laws of physics are the four “upside-down” looking pyramid buildings that house the faculties of education, social sciences, administration, and law. These buildings are replicas of themselves (with Education being the oldest) so what applies to one applies to the other. 

The basement of these awesome structures has several small rotundas that I am sure were designed to be used for group discussions. Each dome can seat about eight people comfortably. The locations may not offer the comfy seats of HSLT C or the simplicity of AUD I & II. They may also not offer the privacy of the nursing foyer, as you would see. They, however, give you round seating areas, so you and your buds are facing each other. 

I believe that’s the best way to have a group discussion instead of the awkward “side seating” to face the others. Its location in the middle of campus also makes it easy to access snacks whenever you need to. The only drawback I can associate with this location is that it can get quite busy. This is especially true during the exam period when everyone throws tutorials, group discussions, etc.


Nursing Foyer is the small space on the second floor of the first arm of the college. That space is perfect for weekend or evening discussions when you expect things to be very cool. It has chairs similar to those you find in bank receptions. 

There is enough lighting, and because it’s an open space, the heat and stuffiness associated with some other locations are not an issue. Its major drawback is its distance from snacks and campus’ halls of residence. You also can’t use the spot if it’s raining as the wind and rain can disrupt the process. There are also those buzzing mosquitoes that may disturb your discussion.

Bonus Location

Let’s play a little trivia. Where in OAU campus is associated with the most religious activities? If you guessed “Sports Complex,” you’re right. Sports Complex is a large space that is used for exactly what its name suggests – Sports. It has, however, become known for religious activities due to its large expanse of space. 

This space also translates to the opportunity for everyone to carve out a small section for themselves and do whatever they want without getting in the way of others. Hence, if you and your reading buds wish to change your usual group discussion spots, you can always check the sports complex.

Final Thoughts

Reading alone can be boring and sometimes unproductive. Having group discussions can help since you tend to have a group of friends or classmates who probably understand some topics better than you. It also serves as a source of motivation for every member of the discussion group. So when next you’re thinking of having a group discussion, try out the locations mentioned earlier. Also, let’s know below in the comments section what your favourite spots are.

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