OAU Lecture Theatres Suitable for Reading Overnight

Edited by: Omotosho Ayotomiwa

Some people believe your journey through OAU is not complete if you’ve never read overnight for a test or an exam. Many students believe that overnight reading is a secret to graduating in flying colours in this prestigious university. No surprises as to the number of students you find in the numerous lecture theatres during lecture free-week. In fact, some people make these LTs their temporary homes. Others may be influenced by peer pressure and the avenue to meet their lovers.

Whatever your reasons for engaging in an overnight reading, choosing a suitable lecture theatre is crucial for optimum benefits. This article discusses the top five lecture theatres on OAU campus ideal for an overnight reading.

Top Five Lecture Theatres for an Overnight Reading

OAU campus boasts over 50 lecture theatres available to its students for classes and reading. However, not all are conducive to effective reading, especially at night. Therefore, I have reviewed some best lecture theatres that offer a mix of comfortability and ginger for reading. 

1. FASA Auditorium (AUD 1 and 2)

The two auditoria, AUD 1 & 2, are located in the Faculty of Arts building. Most departments use these auditoriums to hold classes and examinations. Students also use them for day or night reading, depending on the availability.

One thing that makes these auditoriums suitable for reading, especially at night, is the conducive environment for reading. They are well lit; therefore, you don’t have to worry about coming along with a lamp or straining your eyes to see what you’re reading. 

They are also very spacious, thus accommodating a large number of students. Due to the size, you could comfortably leave gaps between you and the next person to avoid distractions. The seats are also well-cushioned and comfy, enabling you to sit for long without experiencing butt numbness. You can also lie on the chairs for a quick nap during the night.

However, these auditoriums are quickly crowded, so getting a space to read here might prove challenging, especially if you’re late. Due to the overcrowding, they become noisy and unsuitable for anyone who finds it hard to assimilate in a noisy environment. Insect disturbance is also common; hence ensure you dress appropriately.

2. Oduduwa Lecture Theatres (ODLT 1 and 2)

These lecture theatres are located beneath the grand Amphitheatre in Obafemi Awolowo University. ODLT is commonly used by most departments for classes and as an exam venue. Some churches also organize meetings and services here. ODLT is also very well known as a suitable place for a night reading on OAU campus.

ODLT is quite popular among OAU students who love overnight because it is relatively close to school hostels. This makes it easy for students to move to and fro their hostels. The place is also well lit, making it suitable for reading.

Also, around the vicinity of ODLT are numerous restaurants and snack shops. You can find the famous Rotunda Restaurant, Orente, and Kay’s Doughnuts around these lecture theatres. Snack vendors who come to hawk are also available throughout the night. This is great as students do not have to go far to satisfy that night’s craving.

However, the noise distractions from Amphitheatre or Oduduwa hall during special programs can be a great disadvantage of reading here. The insect and rat disturbance is also high, thus causing discomfort to many students. It is still surprising that ODLT is always crowded with students, despite these drawbacks.

3. Pharmacy Lecture Theatres

The Faculty of Pharmacy has three lecture theatres available for classes, tests, examinations, meetings, and reading. Despite being far from the central spot of OAU campus, its lecture theatres are still always occupied at night for reading.

This could be attributed to the fact that these LTs are very conducive for reading. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, and they are less noisy and relatively less crowded. Your properties and possessions are also safe; perhaps you fall asleep during your course of reading. This is a surprising feat as most burglars and thieves use overnight as an avenue for stealing.

The lecture theatres are also well built so that you hardly encounter rats or insects disturbing you when reading. The faculty uses solar systems so that when there is no light, you are guaranteed to find light in Pharmacy lecture theatres.

However, the lecture theatres are restricted only to Pharmacy students – premium enjoyment, I must say (chuckles). You are not likely to find any snack shops or vendors at night, so if you get hungry at night, you have to leave the vicinity to find something to eat. But, you can come along with your snacks to avoid going out at night.

4. Health Sciences Lecture Theatres (HSLT A, B, and C)

These lecture theatres are located at the College of Health Sciences building. They are among the most used places for night reading by students, big enough to accommodate a large number of students.

The HSLT is relatively less crowded and less noisy. They are also well lit thus you don’t have to come with a lamp for an overnight. The atmosphere is very conducive for reading. Snack vendors can be found here at night, so you don’t have to get to SUB junction before finding your favourite snacks. 

There are also functional sockets for charging electrical appliances such as phones, systems, power banks, etc. However, you must pay close attention to your properties while charging to avoid being a victim of theft.

Rats and lizards disturbance is a common occurrence though. This can be a big distraction as you won’t want a rat climbing your leg unknowingly. The seats are also uncomfortable as the cushions have been displaced, leaving only the wooden parts. Some students love this as they claim it prevents them from sleeping. 

HSLT has few working ceiling fans making the place less ventilated. However, the night’s cold can substitute for this.

5. Admin Extension Lecture Theatres (A, B, C, and D)

These lecture theatres are located at the Faculty of Administration extension area beside the Department of Music. They are unarguably the most used lecture theatre for reading. This can be attributed to the fact that they are the most conducive spots for reading. Admin. Extension is big with four lecture theatres, so you have several options to choose from. 

This spot is also the closest to school hostels; thus students don’t have to walk that far to find a suitable place to read at night. You can also quickly return after a stressful overnight session. The seats are very comfy, and you can conveniently lie down on them for a short nap during the night. 

However, you might not find any nearby snack shops unless you go out of the vicinity. Although, you can avoid this by coming along with whatever you need. There is really no disadvantage to reading here, little wonder why it is usually crowded and the most used place for overnight.


Whether you’re an effective day or night reader, you can never know until you try both. Therefore, if you have never done an overnight on the OAU campus, I guess it’s time you give it a trial. The lecture theatre you choose for your overnight reading can make or mar your experience. Therefore, you must make the right choice, starting from any of the LTs mentioned above.

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