Reviewing the Popular Restaurants on OAU Campus

Edited by: Ayotomiwa Omotosho

If you have ever had to make a mad dash in between classes to quench that hunger, then you will realize OAU is filled with numerous restaurants and canteens. But the problem always lies in visiting one where your money’s worth is guaranteed.

I have once been in a situation where I spent huge amounts of money to end up with food with a ‘no-no’ quality. Ever since, I have been particular about getting a restaurant’s review from friends or online before patronizing. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.

That’s why in this article, I will be reviewing and rating some restaurants in OAU and its environs. I don’t want you all making mistakes when it comes to good food!

Review of the Popular Restaurants

There is a distinct line between a restaurant and a canteen. You can’t call your food joint a restaurant while you offer services peculiar to a canteen. For a food joint to be classified as a restaurant, there are specific criteria and expectations it must live up to. Therefore, these reviews are clear, fair, and honest.

1. Forks ‘n’ Fingers

Rating: 2.5/5

The ancient legendary Forks ‘n’ Fingers restaurant is located right at the centre of the OAU campus, precisely the SUB bus stop. This restaurant has long existed on campus, and most alumni have testified to eating there during their undergraduate years.

This restaurant is known for its spectacular Yam and Fried Eggs delicacy. However, most OAU students might not consider it as their first choice, but perhaps you still want to try it out.

Forks ‘n’ Fingers’ Selling Point

Affordable food. With a thousand naira, you can get a decent, well-satisfying meal. This is great considering the country’s present economy and the recent hike in foodstuffs. They also offer varieties of delicious snacks; perhaps you are craving something light.

Suppose you’re looking for a venue for a group meeting or get together. In that case, this restaurant is the right choice as it is not usually crowded, thus conducive for a short meeting.

The Downside of Forks ‘n’ Fingers Restaurant

Poor customer service. This seems to be the regular complaint of most customers. Aside from their yam and fried eggs delicacy, other food options aren’t all that spectacular.

My Opinion

If you are looking for an affordable restaurant for a quick, satisfying meal, then you can try Forks ‘n’ Fingers. However, I honestly won’t recommend it if you want a feel of an elite restaurant.

2. Spectra

Rating: 4/5

The grand Spectra Restaurant is located behind the College of Health Sciences car park. This restaurant is relatively new but has gained more recognition due to the excellent services and quality meals.

Irrespective of its location, this restaurant is frequented by staff and students of College of Health Science, Pharmacy, EDM, and by other OAU students.

Why You Should Try Out Spectra Restaurant

Aside from their high-quality meals, it’s also very affordable. Trust me, this is a very rare combination to find in most restaurants on campus.

Their customer service is also top-notch and professional. The atmosphere is very conducive, giving you the feeling of a classic restaurant.

Guess what?! Busy folks who have little to no time to grab a meal can always opt for their home delivery services. This is great news for most students.

Why Not Spectra Restaurant?

Some people might not necessarily see this as a disadvantage; however, if you like to have a variety of food options to pick from, you should not consider going there.

Also, one major downside of this restaurant is the limited supply of food. Thus, you might get there late in the evening to discover your special delicacy is no longer available.

My Opinion

Spectra Restaurant is fast rising to become a top-rated restaurant on the OAU campus. I recommend going there if you want to get your money’s worth of quality meals.

3. Mr Banwil Cuisine

Rating: 4.5/5

Located right inside the New Buka is the reputable Mr Banwil Cuisine Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the oldest on the OAU campus. One surprising feat is how it keeps on staying relevant. It is very popular among students who stay on campus; thus, it’s rare to find someone who has never heard of it.

Why Mr Banwil Cuisine?

This restaurant offers delicious and sumptuous meals that are affordable. It also has various food options. Therefore, if local dishes are your thing, you can trust Mr Banwil. And if you would rather get a continental dish, you can also depend on Mr Banwil to satisfy your needs.

The customer service here is efficient. The atmosphere is conducive for a family gathering or group meetings. They offer home delivery services and their service hours extend far into the evening.

Suppose you prefer a cashless policy and would rather pay for your meal with a transfer option or point of sales (POS) option. In that case, you have nothing to worry as Mr Banwil provides such services with a little additional fee.


If you are in for a quick meal, then I suggest you rethink going there. Their promptness in delivering your order is quite tardy. Maybe we can blame it on the loads of customers they often have.

It doesn’t give you the feeling of a classic elite restaurant. On the contrary, it is always crowded and unsuitable for intimate meetings.

My Opinion

This restaurant is one of the most top-rated on the OAU campus. I recommend going there if you are around New Buka and looking for the right place to get quality meals.

4. Rotunda

Rating: 3/5

Rotunda Restaurant is located near the notable Amphitheatre. This restaurant is relatively old, but it is being overshadowed by the more recently opened restaurants on campus. Its location is suitable for students who regularly have their lectures in theatres at ODLT 1 & 2, Amphitheatre amidst others.

Is Rotunda Restaurant Worth It?

This restaurant offers a beautiful, laid-back setting suitable for a small get-together and intimate meetings. Their food is also budget-friendly. 

If you’re looking for a quick meal before venturing to your next lecture venue, then Rotunda has you covered. The attendants are usually fast in serving your orders. This could be due to effective services or limited number of customers.

The Downside of Rotunda Restaurant?

Many of their customers have complained about the meals being stale. This speaks poorly of their food quality. Hopefully, this is not a common occurrence.

My Opinion

If you’re around the Amphitheatre and its environs, you can stop by at Rotunda Restaurant for a quick meal refill alone or with friends. However, I won’t recommend you go there if you want quality and delicious meals worthy of your money.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it, guys! A clear and concise review of four of the most popular restaurants on OAU campus. If you have never visited any, I think it’s time you give it a shot to get your personal opinion. If you have a contrary or similar opinion to mine, let me know in the comment section.

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