AngloMoz vs Maintenance Gate: The Lovebirds or the Sugar Daddies?

Edited by: Ayotomiwa Omotosho

You already know where this is going, probably because you can relate to what makes these spots similar. However, I’m here to take you through the exciting differences between these spots. Stay with me; it promises to be an exciting journey.

AngloMoz is a very popular among OAU students. Hardly would you find anyone who doesn’t know this spot. It is the infamous space between the male hostel – Angola and the female hostel – Mozambique. Both hostels are typically inhabited by ‘freshers’. AngloMoz has ruled the ‘catch them young’ game for decades until now. 

Recent developments brought about some exciting scenes at Maintenance Gate. There are so many similarities in these two areas that you can’t but just do some comparison. So what separates old but golden AngloMoz from the new kid on the block, the Maintenance gate? 


If you haven’t got it, AngloMoz and Maintenance gate are popular places boys (or men) go when they want to meet a girl. University regulations only allow boys into female hostels between 4 pm and 10 pm on weekdays and between 10 am and 10 pm on weekends and vice versa. 

Picture this; you want to say hello to your babe, but you do not want to do that in a room with 4, sometimes 7 other girls, right? You want some space, some room to breathe. That’s where these spots come in. 

Mozambique houses ‘fresh bloods,’ the typical first-year female students. Hence, some of the visitors here include:

  • Senior colleagues. You see those guys in 200 level upwards, they hardly stay in their lane. They come to see if they can ‘catch’ a young girl. You will find them in groups, under the guise of ‘faculty excos’ bearing information about faculty registrations, past questions, etc. 

“I am Femi, computer engineering part 5.” The famous pickup line since they know these girls would fall head over heels for ‘Tech guys.’ Now, not to slight anyone, these guys are fantastic and helpful, especially if you have no idea what to do and where to go. However, there’s always an ulterior motive. 

  • Loverboys. Those fresh part 1 mummy’s boys who seem to have a bond with their classmates. “Hello, Funmi. I’m at AngloMoz. Can I see you for a while?” Chuckles.
  • The occasional fellowship leaders. These are the pastors of the various Campus fellowships. The sisters of the fellowships usually accompany them. Like the senior colleagues, they also want to ‘catch them young’ albeit for a different reason.

Some of the OAU’s most expensive hostels are in Maintenance, meaning some of the campus’ most affluent girls are in Maintenance. Maintenance boasts some of the best female hostels in OAU. If you stay in Maintenance, you are chilling with the big girls. So who are those who visit Maintenance Gate?

  • The Big Boys. Yes, these are the boys that can ‘run kitikiti and run katakata’. They have the money to spend, and they are not afraid to show it. AngloMoz boys come on foot, on bikes or at best with the faculty or fellowship bus. On the other hand, Maintenance Gate boys come in Benzes, Lexuses, high-end Toyotas, among others. A sure way to recognise them is by their blacked-out windows and heavily branded clothes. You get the idea.
  • Wealthy Quarters Kids. These are guys from Staff Quarters on campus. These boys might not actually have their own cars, but they have access to one. They are pretty easy to recognise with weirdly large 7 seater SUVs and minivans that immediately scream, “I’m a daddy’s boy!”
  • Sugar Daddies. You read that right. Those are big men who come to maintenance to… you know. They are also recognisable with potbellies, big blacked-out SUVs complete with a driver. These men would typically not park at Maintenance gate. They drive in and drive out.   


You’ll agree that you cannot arrange a meet up with a girl or plan to pick one up without getting something to eat. Guy, ‘o wrong naa.’ Both AngloMoz and Maintenance gate have provisions to fill that need. However, there are differences in what you’d find at these spots because of the varied clientele in both locations.

In the AngloMoz corner, you have

  • Risky burger. Your OAU journey is not complete without ‘risky.’ Risky is a burger made from bread and eggs. I know it sounds basic, but there’s something about watching the vendor making it and eating it right there. Any properly planned meet up in AngloMoz must have a Risky burger. There are several vendors in AngloMoz to choose from, each with its own ‘wow’ factor.
  • Sodas and Biscuits. Several vendors are available to sell you biscuits and soda. There’s always something that you and your boo can munch on.

As established earlier, big boys, sugar daddies, and wealthy kids are ready to spend their money at the Maintenance gate. 

So what do vendors provide?

  • Shawarma. I don’t think you will impress someone who can afford a 200k or more hostel in maintenance with Risky burger. It’s just not going to work. That is where our shawarma guys come in. Typically arriving at 6 pm, several vendors are available at strategic locations. Now, if you are too big to walk down there with your babe to make the order or maybe, you plan to surprise her, a few of the vendors allow you to pre-order. Yeah, money is good!
  • Wines and Fruit Juices. While AngloMoz babes will be gassed up with carbonated beverages, Maintenance gate babes will be treated to Chivita, Chi Exotic, Hollandia Yoghurt, and similar drinks. 
  • Barbecue Meat/Grilled Fish. Say shawarma is too generic for you. Some vendors offer barbecued meat, which could be beef, chicken or turkey. Grilled fish is usually catfish or tilapia, with Irish potatoes, cabbage, and peppered sauce. The yummy stuff!
  • Ice-Cream. This is for those hot days when big boys and girls want to talk and eat. They want a simple discussion, nothing too heavy. There are vendors available who sell ice cream in plastic tubs and others in ice-cream cones.  


The location and surroundings of the meet-up are crucial to set the mood for the energy you both will exude. 

AngloMoz is a tarred expanse. It allows you to take long walks into the adjoining areas while not worrying about dust, a speeding car, and similar vices.

Maintenance gate is, however, a dusty, undulating space. Although having a larger real estate space than AngloMoz, Maintenance gate feels smaller. This is because many cars and numerous vendors park there, thus limiting the space available.

Final Thoughts

AngloMoz, as mentioned earlier, started and perfected the ‘catch them young’ game. Memories of this spot will always remain with the girls who were caught and the boys who did the catching. Maintenance gate has, however, moved that game to a higher level. 

For those of us who don’t have plans to play the game, we can also enjoy a visit to these places. Go to AngloMoz, buy OAU’s legendary risky burger and enjoy. Go to Maintenance gate and enjoy the grilled fish. You deserve it


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