Best Shawarma Plugs in Ife

Edited by: Adedeji Oluwafemi

 If you’re familiar with the regular cuisine in Ife, you’ll know shawarma is a delicacy many residents enjoy. Something between a snack and a full meal, the combo of meat, chicken, cream, and sausages just brings a delight to many tummies.

However, we all know many vendors actually sell ritual concoctions in the name of shawarma. I have definitely had my fair share with these said vendors. So, you don’t fall into the same trap I did; I’ve personally scoured different shawarma spots and picked out the best of them for you to enjoy.

Here are the top 5 Shawarma spots in Ife that you must visit in no particular order. Read, enjoy, and treat yourself to the delicacy of one of these vendors right after.

1.   Kamal’s Special Shawarma

Kamal’s Shawarma is located in Asherifa, just before the Cedarland Church at the transformer junction. The spot is open Monday through Thursday by 8 p.m., and Friday to Sunday by 4 p.m. When I first tried out Kamal’s shawarma, I was skeptical. But after two bites, every bit of skepticism I had vaporized into thin air.

Kamal’s shawarma just tastes different! Different from the norm. I can’t really explain it. You just have to taste it to really understand how this works.

Kamal’s shawarma is well-known for offering various options at reasonable prices, leaving customers satisfied and wanting more. There is also an option of delivery for those who do not want to leave their home. The cost of delivery varies depending on the location.

If you want to try this delicacy, though, you should go for the home delivery option. This is because the line at Kamal’s is usually as long as the one in Nigerian filling stations right now. Therefore, if you know you have a phobia of waiting in line, it’s better you call Kamal’s place early in the afternoon to place your order.

Some of the most ordered variations on the price list include:

  • Chicken or beef shawarma and it goes for one thousand naira only (#1,000).
  • Chicken or beef with hotdog shawarma for the price of One thousand and two hundred naira (#1,200).
  • Chicken and beef with hotdog shawarma for one thousand five hundred naira (#1,500) only.

Fans of Kamal’s special shawarma can’t get enough of the beef shawarma, which is made of tender suya beef and is a must-try for everyone.

Contact Kamal’s Shawarma on this line: +234810 4892439.

2.   Dudurewa’s Kitchen

When it comes to Dudurewa’s shawarma, one word comes to mind: creamy. This shawarma just has that taste that keeps you wanting more. When I first tried it, it was from a friend who bought it. I almost snatched it off his hands. It was just perfect. The next day, I ordered for myself and got hooked! You should try it too.

Dudurewa’s shawarma, located in D18, SHG Hostel at Maintenance, is popular among OAU students, particularly those who live in and around the Maintenance area. However, it is not limited to Maintenance and its environment because there is an option for delivery with a reasonable delivery fee. Shawarma from Dudurewa’s kitchen is available every day except Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Dudurewa’s shawarma price list

Dudurewa’s Shawarma is well-known for its tasty flavour, and it is available in Shawarma Lite, regular, and pro varieties, each with a different price. Dudurewa’s shawarma menu is simple, delicious, and affordable, with prices ranging from one thousand one hundred Naira to one thousand five hundred Naira.

Shawarma Lite is made up of chicken shawarma and a single sausage. It costs one thousand one hundred naira (#1,100).

On the other hand, Shawarma Regular comprises chicken shawarma and two sausages that cost one thousand three hundred naira (#1,300). Shawarma Pro, the last item on the menu, is a combination of chicken shawarma, gizzard, and double sausages for one thousand five hundred naira (#1,500).

 Customers of Dudurewa’s shawarma have testified that it is absolutely savoury, and they just can’t seem to get enough of it. As if all this is not enough proof, she has one of OAU’s biggest influencers, Gifty_gift, influencing her brand. Gifty’s brands always give a mouth-watering quality, and Dudurewa is no different.

Contact Dudurewa’s Shawarma here: +2348059956931

3.   Zibe Solutions

Zibe Solutions is a restaurant and bar on Ibadan Road, directly across from the Sanctuary Of Hope (SOH) church. Great shawarma isn’t the only thing Zibe Solutions offers; they also have a nice selection of smoothies, Chapman, and fruit drinks, amongst others. Zibe Solutions has a fantastic outdoor space for recreation and relaxation. Perhaps you’re with your significant other; you can treat each other to a cup of smoothie and shawarma.

The shawarma at Zibe Solution is delicious and can be enjoyed with any of their delicious drinks. Customers of Zibe Solutions rave about how delicious the shawarma is and how you will always get your money’s worth when you order one.

Zibe’s solutions have the priciest tags on this list. There are four types of shawarma at Zibe Solutions, with prices ranging from one thousand six hundred to two thousand one hundred naira.

  •  The price of chicken shawarma is one thousand six hundred Naira.
  • The price of beef shawarma is one thousand eight hundred naira.
  • One thousand nine hundred naira is the price of Cheese Sensation with Chicken.
  • Two thousand one hundred naira is the price of Cheese Sensation with Beef.

Zibe’s Solution price list

As one of Zibe solution’s most ardent customers correctly stated, “a trial will definitely convince you.”


4.   MD Shawarma

When it comes to shawarma making in Ife, MD shawarma is an OG of the game. It is a well-known shawarma spot in Ife. On a slow business day, you’ll meet at least five people sitting on the benches in front of MD’s stall. On a busy day, you better get prepared for a long wait if you get there by 8 pm or later. The spot is located just outside Maintenance and opens at 7 p.m. every day.

Well, MD’s longevity reflects in his price lists. At MD, shawarma costs between one thousand three hundred and one thousand eight hundred naira. The chicken and hot dog shawarma and the tasty combination of chicken, double hotdog, and beef shawarma are popular items on the menu.

 MD Shawarma is easily one of the most convenient places to get a mean shawarma in Ife. They also have a variety of shawarma combinations that customers can’t seem to get enough of.


5.   Benny’s Shawarma

Benny’s Shawarma is located in Oduduwa Estate, just in front of Roots Hotel. Benny is one of the few on this list whose place isn’t always so populated. This is not because he doesn’t have enough customers, but most people in this area usually place their orders for delivery. However, apart from Dudurewa’s, who doesn’t run a stall, this is probably the fastest place to get shawarma quickly on this list.

However, Benny is not all about speed. They can whip up a mean shawarma to satisfy your tingling taste buds. Benny’s price tags ranges from #1,300 to #1,500.


Contact Benny’s shawarma here: +2348143621115


Now that we’ve successfully spread the word about Ile-ife’s tasty, delicious, and mean shawarma joints, it’s time for you to get to work and check them out. Are there any spots that you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comment section! Bon appetit!!

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