5 Best Gadget Stores on Campus

Edited by: Paul Moronfola

Finding the perfect place to buy new gadgets is quite the challenge in Ile-Ife, as deciding whom to trust with your very important devices needs requires weighing several factors. There are many on-campus options to choose from, each one giving a different sense of the vibe. 

Choosing the best gadget stores from the many on campus can only be perfect after considering several factors such as trustworthiness, great customer relations, a track record of providing excellent service, and location. So, if you want a good gadget store on-campus, this article will introduce the five best gadget stores you can consider! 

Wolemusic –Laptops and Gadgets

Contact Details: Instagram, Mobile

If you’re looking for the perfect plug for cheap and quality laptops, Wolemusic/INVENTAR is a good gadget store. It specializes in everything laptops, whether gaming, design-oriented, or normal. In addition, Wolemusic also sells power banks, gamepads, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and phones. 

Wolemusic is known for its competitive prices, promos, and discounts. Above that, Wolemusic’s recommendations on laptops assure getting the best value for your money.

AFKiT – Everything Computers, Games, and PC Repair

Location: Zone B, Blk 20, Shop 1, Oau Central market Ile-Ife, Osun

Contact Details: Instagram, Mobile

AFKiT is a very popular computer specialist on campus, dealing only with laptops and computers of various specs and prices. Aside from selling computers, AFKiT also provides excellent laptop repair services such as system specs upgrade, RAM change, graphics cards change, etc. AFKiT also sell PC games such as Call of Duty, PES, FIFA, Assassin Creed 

Gadgets Place – Best Point for Phone Swap

Location: Zone C, Block 27, Shop 8, OAU Central Market, Ile-Ife, Osun State

Contact Details: Instagram 

Gadgets Place deals in the purchase, sales, and repair of different types of laptops and phones in terms of products offered. However, they are more popular, being a place where you can swap your existing devices for even better ones (iPhone and Android). 

In addition to the devices/gadgets listed above, you can also purchase power banks, chargers, earphones, Bluetooth speakers from them. 

Gadgets Place offers devices/gadgets for sale at very good, very competitive prices. They also run several promos and discounts from their WhatsApp status. You can order online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Dove Phone World – Reputation

Location: Zone C, Block 25, Shop 12 OAU Central Market, Ile-Ife, Osun State

Contact Details: Instagram, WhatsApp Mobile 

Dove is arguably the most popular phone and gadgets store on and off-campus due to its reputation for quality delivery and problem-free transactions. If anything, customers are usually left immensely pleased after a transaction with Dove. 

Dove Phone World, from the name, sells phones and phone accessories such as phone cases, power banks, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, phone chargers, and smartwatches. 

Of course, all these gadgets are offered at great prices too. You can make an order and have it delivered to your location. 

P Tech

Location: Block 1, Shop 6, OAU Central Market, Ile-Ife, Osun State

Contact Details: Instagram, WhatsApp mobile 

P Tech is another phone and phone accessories sales specialist on campus. They deal in sales of all kinds of phones, chargers, smartwatches, watches, etc. They also sell different types of high-quality and affordably-priced laptops and PCs. 

They are accessible on Instagram. From there, you can order from the convenience of your room and get your delivery. 


All the above stores deliver the best in terms of gadgets. Each was reviewed based on what they deliver, service rendering quality, customer satisfaction, etc. The only problem you might have here is navigating the central market. However, you can solve this by just getting a bike and telling him where you are going. Voila, you are in front of a place where you get the value for money. 

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