6 Places for a Good Date in Ile-Ife

Edited by: Paul Moronfola

People go on dates for different reasons, including friendship, romance, and business. However, for students of the prestigious Oba Awon University, there might be some limits to what is doable. One important thing that drives this “conclusion” is that Ile-Ife is not exactly a fun place, especially if you have been to places such as Lagos, PH, and Abuja. 

To people that have been to such places, Ile-Ife without OAU would be a village with red dust and no vibes. Nevertheless, there are a couple of places to visit and chill considered good enough for a decent date. We made findings and curated a list of Ife’s top five date venues. So, if you have plans of having the perfect date with the love of your life or that one you fancy, check out the following places.

Indeego Restaurant – Aesthetics and Quality

When you step into Indeego, you will notice two things: brilliant aesthetics and unequal serenity, two huge selling points when you think of the perfect date spot. Indeego is simply beautiful and quality conscious. Consequently, many people consider it a top-tier Lagos-style restaurant – which is true. 

The aesthetic and quality-conscious restaurant is located in Oduduwa Estate, a quiet part of Ile-Ife, further improving its classiness. It has a beautiful enclosed large space that is serene and accommodating and portrays a brilliant space for pictures. 

Another spectacular thing about Indeego restaurant is its food which is nothing short of class and quality, and the way OAU students turn up in the restaurant is evidence. However, like a Lagos-tier restaurant that Indeego is, the food there is costly. Indeego restaurant is on its way to becoming one of the bests, if not the best in Ile Ife.

Harvard Continental Hotel – True Definition of Class  

Just take a look at that name, it speaks for itself, but then again, we’re talking of Ife, where names of places can be misleading. For example, we once saw a “Banana Island ” with one banana tree, an uncompleted building, and a heap of a dump. We promise that isn’t the case with Harvard Continental Hotel.

Harvard Continental has a beautiful ambiance, both indoor and outdoor. It is exclusive, and you have the option of chilling at the bar, the restaurant, or the pool with your date. If you

want to get nice pictures with a beautiful view, you should consider taking your date there. It is located at Toll Gate, Km 16, Ibadan–Ife Road. Far, but not so far from OAU campus gate and is accessible by both cars and bikes.

Besides its beauty, their food is good. However, it might take you getting married to your date and having kids and grandkids with them before you eventually get served (depending on what you order for). If not anything, we can assure you that you would get your money’s worth from just the pictures alone. For Ife standard, we would give it a solid 8 out of 10.

Ivory Bites – New and Reasonable

Yes, that same Ivory Bites bread you’ve been eating, it’s them; they have a bakery. While they are known for making one of the best loaves of bread in town, they also make some of the best meals in Ife. Have you tasted their Ofada? What of their spaghetti? Their meat alone would convince you always to return.

Ivory Bites is a pretty decent place to take your date to. It is located at Ajebandele, on Ibadan-Ife Road, slightly hidden behind a filling station. It isn’t grand. However, it is lovely enough to get some cool pictures and comfort. You might run into one or two people you know— that’s what happens when you’re known for good food.

It would have been number one, but for its location and surrounding. We like that it is cozy, and you have the option of sitting in a slightly secluded corner with your date and a view before you. Except that the view is a filling station. Not so nice, yeah? It would have been perfect if a garden, a pool, or something beautiful could replace the filling station. 

Ife Grand Resort – Perfect Place for Pictures and Food

You’re in Ife, and you’ve not heard of Ife Grand Resort? Impossible! 80% of Ife residents have been there for the pictures, if not for anything. Yes, people legit dress up and transport themselves to Ife Grand Resort to get a few good angles and post “we outside.”

It has a serene environment, a nice bar, a pool, and a nice restaurant. However, its best-selling point is its ambiance. It is located somewhere around Ibadan-Ife Road and is quite far from OAU campus. Its distance can be a turnoff, but what are a few kilometers you can’t cover for that person entering your eyes? Rumour even has it that their food is good, and it is one of the best chill zones in Ife. 

Jopa Foodie – Simple and Simple

Jopa Foodie is another hidden venue; it’s a shame that not many would have heard of it. It is located opposite Club 7, at Mayfair, and is hidden behind shops, with its compound entrance just between them. Okay, there is a little bit of exaggeration, but the point is, the restaurant isn’t in your face, and we sort of love how out of sight it is. 

It is an excellent place for a date. Even if you aren’t in love, the arrangements and simple decor will make you miss a step and throw you right into a love nest.  

Aside from the basic yet enchanting setting, they serve delicious food. This one isn’t a rumour; We are giving you first-hand information. You may choose to have the breakfast combo or lunch/dinner combo for your date. There’s also nothing stopping you from having all if you can afford to. The arrangement is also perfect for a double date and a “her/his view” “my view.”

Omidiran Art Gallery – Elegance and Class in One

Omidiran Art Gallery is a beautiful place to be if you want to feed your eyes and mind. There, you’ll find several interesting art pieces that give you and your date topics to discuss. You get to create beautiful memories by taking pictures with several artworks too. This isn’t a bad date option for art lovers if you ignore its size.

It is located at No. 25, Ede Road, somewhere before Mayfair. It isn’t conspicuous on the outside and is quite easy to miss if you aren’t attentive. You get to have a tour guide of some sort who would receive you and take you around.

Never underestimate the power of Art. If your date is obsessed with artworks and loves Art, generally don’t rethink taking them there, they’ll fall in love with you. You can trust us on this one. Don’t worry about the entrance fee; it is free. Furthermore, you have the option of purchasing an art piece for your date if you want to engrave your name on their heart. Just saying…wisdom is profitable for the wise.


Finding the perfect date venue in Ile-Ife can be exhausting cos you aren’t left with many options. However, you can’t still be confused with this, except you want to find excuses not to go on that date. As the advocates of love and romance, we are rooting for you and your date, and we hope whatever you have together grows

 into something solid. Cheers to having the perfect date.


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