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“On a scale of ten, I’d give all of them a two. The ambience is nothing to write home about. Again, the sanitation is deplorable, to say the least. Water should be made to run in these places, e get why. Then there are annoying porters (who should be retired, BTW), acting like manning the halls is their birthright. The only good thing about them is that they put roofs over the heads of these young women. That’s all. – Unknown but Real

That was a female student’s opinion when asked to rate the female residence halls on OAU campus. We know you couldn’t help but burst into robust laughter at her outburst. However, don’t be too quick to conclude; there was probably a bit of exaggeration here and there. She also might have been asked at the wrong time (you know, OAU and its wahala).

So! Hear us out and keep reading. Below is something you need to know about all Female Hall of Residence on Campus as a Fresher or Stallites. We even tried to rank them based on students’ perceptions about which one is the best.

Number 1: Moremi Hall – Beautiful, Serene, and Top Class

moremi hall of residence oau

First on the list is Moremi Hall, which accommodates OAU’s low-profile, money-loaded, yet ridiculously silent big girls. Ever asked a lady about her residence hall, and she said Moremi? You would notice that she will likely say it casually, but she is watching and waiting for your eyes to twitch of acknowledgment. Proud beings. Also, most occupants are final-year brethren.

What Makes Moremi Hall One of The Most Sought After?

Moremi Hall is one of the most sought-after female halls, if not the most sought-after hall, for the following reasons.

  •  Location

location of moremi hall oau

Moremi Hall is located at the heart of campus, and it is the nearest Hall of residence to the Academic area. Aside from that, it is near everything you will probably need. You have the popular As E Det Hot spot, Pharmacy Shop, Risky, Suya, the Health Center, New Buka, ThrillHouse, and many more. It is also 50-naira away from the New Market and New Buka.

  • Number of Students

number of students moremi hall oau

Among other female halls, Moremi Hall, Akintola Hall, Alumni Hall are the least populated, with a maximum of just four people in a room. This is something Mozambique queens people can’t relate to.

  •   Basic Amenities

Moremi Hall also ranks high in basic amenities among male and female halls. It is not news that they sometimes have light when other Halls’ members wander around with powerbanks looking for places to charge. They also have Cybercafe, some tech stands, and WiFi. However, they didn’t seem to make the list of hidden spots Stallites hide from freshers.

They also have the biggest reservoir tank on OAU campus. The tank is located outside the residence hall and is a saving grace to Moremi queens when OAU does what it knows to do well— cease water supply. This is unlike other halls, especially ETF and FAJ people whose next water supply sources are streams and town.

  • Perception by Other OAU Students

Moremi as a figure is the mother of all Ife born, and in terms of overall perception, Moremi Hall is the mother of all Female Hall of Residence. According to most ladies during hostel balloting, Moremi ranks high among the hall favored by applicants. This shows something: Blessed are those who reside in Moremi, for theirs is the access to the good things of life. At least to a point.

Number 2: Akintola Hall – Most Beautiful Anytime

akintola hall of residence oau

Akintola Hall is the second most sought-after female hall of residence in OAU. Also known as Sports due to being situated between Fajuyi Hall and Sports Complex, it is the home of another version of Moremi queens. However, these ones are more silent, although the inclusion of freshers ranks them second according to many people.

What Makes Akintola Hall Unique?

After Moremi Hall, Akintola is the next big girls’ hostel. They enjoy very private lives and are majorly unknown to others. However, it is not uncommon to see big boys with big cars plying the hall’s car park. Below are why many people consider them unique.

  •  Location

location of akintola oau

Akintola Hall is also close to Academics. However, its proximity is more to the Religion Ground, Sports complex, the outdated Forks and Finger, and the SUB area.

  • Number of Students

population of people in akintola oau

Akintola Hall also boasts of a maximum of just four people in a room, unlike Mozambique queens.

  • Basic Amenities

Akintola Hall is also like other halls in terms of basic amenities. They have reservoirs, buttery, and efficient porters to oversee the hall. Unlike other halls, they have a standard cybercafe available for occupants and non-occupants. However, like any other OAU Hall of residence, there are sometimes issues with water and light although we doubt Akintola ladies go to streams when they don’t have water.

  • Perception by Other OAU Students

Students perceive Akintola Hall members as classy and silent big girls who chose campus security over Maintenance. Aside from the outlook, the presence of freshers and the lack of exceptional basic amenities render it a normal OAU Hall of Residence. Nevertheless, between Akintola and the others listed below, don’t think twice.

Number 3: Alumni Hall – Unknown Means Serene

alumni hall in oau

When people mention Halls of residence on campus, the Alumni Hall of Residence is the one Hall most of them omit. Omitting them is not intentional as the hall is the least popular among the other female halls. However, does that mean anything? I doubt.

Why Alumni Hall of Residence is Unique?

Alumni Hall is the female version of ETF Hall and is for both Stallites and freshers. It is the next in line in terms of uniqueness, even though it looks like a mini-version of Mozambique. Unlike other hostels, there is no bustle to bustle in Alumni. They have everything they need within the wall and other things aside that are easily gotten.

  • Location

alumni hall in oau

Alumni Hall is located opposite the University’s Health Center. Like the Awolowo Hall of Residence, it is a little far from Academics. However, it is only a few minutes away from the popular As E Dey Hot stand and bike-able distance from New Market.

  • Number of Students

Like the two previous hostels, the Alumni hall only allows 4 students per room.

  • Basic Amenities

Akintola Hall of Residence has better amenities than most of the other hostels. They have many reservoirs, one mega buttery, and efficient porters. A better selling point would be their reading/common room; no other hall comes close in this aspect. Being the newest hall might have contributed to this.

However, they also suffer from water and light. Although unlike the male hall of residence, they don’t go streams as there is none nearby.

  • Perception by Other OAU Students

When asked, the majority of Stallites don’t know about Alumni Hall. Even its residents get questions such as “Where is that” when occupants of Alumni talk about where they stay. In terms of entertainment, it ranks last. Most people have never seen any hustle-bustle in the hall of residence. Consequently, most people term it the female version of another boring hostel known as ETF Hall. Nevertheless, between Alumni and Moz, don’t think twice.

Number 4: Mozambique Hall – The Entertainment Hub

mozambique hall in oau

If this was a list of the most popular female halls on campus, Mozambique Hall or Moz would have fought hard for first place with Moremi. In fact, it will win Moremi, hands down. The Mozambique queens, as they are popularly known, are freshers, young girls, fresh from secondary school or IJMB or JUPEB yet to see the hard life, and with no “mummy” on standby to cry

Why Mozambique Hall of Residence is Unique?

Together with Angola Hall of Residence, Moz formed the most popular joint on OAU campus known as Anglo-Moz. Anglo-Moz is the most popular spot for every fresher and Stallites alike, known for being a place to be at night if you want to feed your eyes, go on an adventure, or catch them young.

  • Location

Mozambique hall is located at the extreme of campus, just opposite Angola hall and Awo hall (both male halls). It is the farthest from where things are; lecture halls and ATM points limit transportation. However, of the four female OAU Halls, it is the liveliest.

  • Number of Students

Moz is the most populated female hall on campus as it contains eight people in a room. Too many people to deal with, we would say. However, it is in this hall potential big girls and drama queens are bred.

  • Basic Amenities

Moz is like any other Hall of Residence in terms of basic amenities. There is nothing special other than the reservoirs, butteries, wells, etc.

Management is also challenging, although achievable due to the higher number of students to porters.

  • Perception by Other OAU Students

Moz is the building block of the big girls on campus. While the Hall of Residence is the entertainment hub, it is like a normal OAU hand and the lowest-ranked basic amenities.

Maintenance: Just an Inclusion

shg hostel in maintenance

If you are familiar with OAU and its environs, you’d wonder why this is even on the list. This is tricky, but Maintenance Halls can make this list technically on campus.

Maintenance is the purgatory of OAU only because it is neither fish nor fowl. It is on campus and not on campus at the same time. How do we explain this? We think you need to be there yourself to get the perfect picture.

Maintenance isn’t number one on the list because it is not a hall but a community of halls, and they are all privately owned (You get to pay hundreds of thousands for them). They also have an independent ranking post. It would be unfair to put up the previously named hall against the ones at maintenance because they are way out of their league. According to Legends, only big girls live in maintenance.

Were you just given admissions? We hope this article was insightful for you. Not like you get to have any influence on the hall you are allocated, but still, we wish you good luck, and we hope you get the hall of your choice.

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