Stallites Are Hiding these INTECU Spots on Campus from You

oau intecu

Edited by: Paul Moronfola

How and when did you first hear about OAU INTECU? For most freshers, it is always the first week of resumption on Ogbafemi, and they would all freak out at the possibility of using the Wifi network in downloading pieces of stuff without worrying about limits seen on their night subscriptions.

OAU INTECU is a WiFi network used in the University that offers the best browsing experience. Each Faculty/department has its INTECU WiFi (some buildings also have theirs), and with as low as 100naira or you-know-who, you get access to a Wi-Fi network capable of downloading at high speeds, even clocking more than 5MB/second.

Yeah, OAU INTECU is that fast. However, here is the thing, there are some specific locations where the signal is stronger. These locations are highly “classified” information known by most Stallites but never shared with newbies. Since you are in Ogbafemi already, don’t you think you deserve to know? Well, before you become a big boy and move to MiFi, MTN/GLO family plans and the likes, below are hidden INTECU spots Stallites don’t want you to know.

Note that the following places discussed below are arranged in no particular order.


using intecu in the white house

For most students, the White House is the biggest spot for tutorials and reading. It’s pretty common to see many people (especially at night) in White House. As a fresher, it would be reasonable for you to think they were meeting someone, reading, or having a tutorial since many tutorial centers such as Success Pen Tutors are rampant in the building. However, do you know what it is more famous for? INTECU Browsing!

Sitting on the stairs or any location in the White House is common with most INTECU users. Believe us when we say that it is not because of any tutorial or personal reading. It is because they have struck a deal with INTECU to wreck BitTorrent and Netnaija.

white house intecu hidden spot

So where is the best location in the White House? Many people will point to the Main Stairs! However, that is wrong as the Main Stairs is most times heavily congested. The real space they really don’t want you to know is at the Geology Department, the passageway leading to the Department of Geology’s Reading room. The network here is so fast that a son of God constructed a chair there. Do you think it is for reading? Well, I don’t think so.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • It’s very close to most Halls of Residence.
  • It can be quite uncomfortable because it is usually filled with many people.
  • Securing a space is difficult.
  • Seats are concrete and sometimes hand-made.
  • Chances of finding a location/socket to charge are non-existent.

Faculty of Pharmacy

IfePharmacy is more known for its Result Day, and it’s being a perfect spot for taking photographs than being a browsing spot. Many people had taken countless pictures with phenomenal photographers such as Kahptayne using the faculty’s red brick as a background before knowing that it is a perfect location for browsing with INTECU.

faculty of pharmacy intecu hidden spot

Pharmacy is better than all the others as it offers both the Ethernet (using the LAN cable) and the WiFi options. For the Ethernet option, you have to use the faculty libraries. However, there is an infinitesimal chance that you would be allowed unless the librarian sees you opening a book on Pharmacokinetics and you have a fake ID card. For the Wifi-connectivity, ensure you stay where the blue round Wifi routers are and see how fast the WiFi connection is.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • Unlike White House, there are several locations to charge in Pharmacy
  • Bring your extension socket
  • Don’t come during exams as you won’t smell a space to sit down

OAU Health Center

If you stay in Angola, Awo, and other female halls of residence aside from Moremi and Akintola, you might have seen faint lights coming from inside the health center at places where there is no light bulb. Yeah, you guessed right, those are the INTECU users browsing heavily amidst the Health Center’s heavy drug smell.

oau health center intecu hidden spot

The INTECU network strength at the health center is remarkably strong and fast. Maybe OAU wants you to stay there comfortably while demanding to see a doctor; that is why the signal strength is very strong. You can stay anywhere in Health Center and browse. However, Stallites definitely don’t want you to know about the two passageways in the lower part. One is more common, i.e., where most people sit to consult the doctors, while the other is less visited i.e., a little far down.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • It isn’t easy to find a place to charge here.
  • The health center management does not really like it when people browse there, especially during the day when lots of things are being done
  • Finally, suppose you’re the type who gets easily irritated or upset by the smell of drugs, Izal, and the likes. In that case, this place is definitely not for you.

NACOSS Library

nacoss intecu hidden spot

National Association of Computer Science Students department library is another location Stallites won’t want to tell you to go. Although far, we heard legends say that a certain man once downloaded 10GB worth of files, deleted them because of some errors, and downloaded them again.

There is an adequate number of seats and places to charge, so you should be pretty comfortable browsing here. However, make sure you have your extension with you as you might not see a place to charge.

You should also note that while non-Computer Science students are usually allowed entry into the library, they may be evicted if the library gets full and students who are members of the department have nowhere to sit.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • They might chase you out
  • The location is very far

University Bookshop/Floor O and Immediate Environs

See, most Stallites don’t even know this, but we know of a person who knows another person that knows someone who used 512Gb over seven days during the OAU free wifi challenge in this place. We know you probably walk past this place every day, totally unaware that you’ve been walking past a place where INTECU connectivity is quite excellent. However, now you know.

senate building intecu hidden spot

Understand though that you can’t stay and browse inside the University Bookshop and Floor O. We doubt you can even have the time to browse in Floor O. However, you can stay in the special passage seen in the picture, sit and allow the Wifi to run through your device.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • You can’t find a “chair” to sit on, so you have to settle for sitting on the various slabs.
  • There is no charging space, so bring your power bank.

Chem Engine

chem engine intecu hidden spot

Chem Engine or Department of Chemical Engineering is the first place many Computer and Tech students visit when looking for a browsing spot after finishing classes. There is a hidden spot in plain sight many people target known for its WiFi quality and signal strength.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • You can’t find a “chair” to sit
  • There is no charging space
  • It is also very far

The Three Musketeers: Admin, Law, and Social Sciences

Maybe you just can’t deal with the stress of finding a comfortable spot in the White House, and you don’t want to go as far as Pharmacy or Chem Eng to find a place to browse. You need another option, and the faculties of Admin, Law, and Social Sciences are the right places to go.

Just sit down in the basement or check through the free lecture theatres where the signal is strongest.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • There is No place to charge
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Getting space can challenging in lecture theatres.
  • There can be slow network speed due to the location and population density


ict intecu hidden spot

It would be pretty disappointing if ICT didn’t make the list of the best spots to browse on campus. Not just by name, ICT probably has the best INTECU network speed of all the locations listed. Again, not a surprise because the INTECU network practically is controlled here.

Aside from that, a few things to note.

  • Lack of a comfortable place to sit
  • It is a far location
  • No space to charge.





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