Top 5 Hostels in Maintenance: The Best Options Available

Edited by: Ayotomiwa Omotosho

Maintenance is undoubtedly the best off-campus female hostel in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). It boasts of over 20 different well-structured hostels with more in view. The perks of staying in Maintenance include closeness to campus, constant electricity, top-notch security, constant water supply, and well-furnished rooms.  Despite these benefits, some hostels still lack beautiful interiors, have poor management, encounter animal issues, and even have water problems. Therefore, choosing a suitable one can be quite tasking.  Therefore, if you are a female student of OAU who wishes to move into maintenance, and you are in doubt of which hostel is best suited for you. Then, this article is for you. I will be reviewing the 5 best hostels in Maintenace that offer a perfect mix of comfortability and security. Let’s get right to it!

What Are the Best 5 Hostels in Maintenance?

In no specific order, I will discuss the best hostels in maintenance and the unique features that make them outstanding.
  • Diamond Luxury Hostel

Just as the name implies, this hostel is luxurious. However, it is less crowded and majorly for the rich kids. Because of its few populations, its maintenance and management are effective.  Diamond Luxury does not come with the regular ceiling or wall fans used by other hostels. Instead, the occupants enjoy well functional air-conditioners. While the outward look of this hostel might not be appealing, the interiors are exquisite.  Each room in this hostel boasts a refrigerator, a television, a decoder with a subscription, and a Wi-Fi connection. Its features wow everyone because it is the only hostel in Maintenace that provides the occupants with such comfort as it seems.  One thing you might consider as a downside is the hostel’s price – the most expensive in Maintenace. The occupants pay close to two hundred and fifty thousand naira annually. Nevertheless, with the numerous luxury it offers, we can boldly say it is worth the price.
  • SHG Hostel

Another one of the best hostels in Maintenace is the beautiful SHG hostel. Residents of this hostel are commonly referred to as ‘ladies of high class.’ This is because of the high concentration of “posh” babes that reside here. Sometimes, you feel the most beautiful girls in maintenance stay in this hostel. However, getting a space in the SHG hostel is difficult. You have to be an early bird to get a space. But what attracts beautiful “posh” ladies to this hostel? What makes it rank as one of the top hostels in Maintenance? Besides Diamond Luxury, SHG is the other Maintenance hostel with a functional refrigerator in each room. The interior décor is also exquisite. The rooms contain queen-sized beds and large wardrobes to put their belongings. SHG is also the only hostel that authorizes the use of an electric cooker, commonly referred to as a hotplate. So even with this recent price hike in cooking gas, you will be less concerned if you stay in SHG hostel.
  • Ajike Hostel

“Ajike” is one name you’ll often hear Maintenaces ladies say. No, it’s not the name of the most popular girl in Maintenance. Rather, it is one of the most wonderful Maintenace hostels you will find. It is one of the most sought out hostels alongside SHG.  Don’t let the outward look deceive you, the interior features are its selling point. Ajike hostel is not too crowded, making its management top-notch. Unlike most hostels in Maintenace that are strictly two-man in a room, Ajike also has the option for three-man in a room. This makes it the best choice for some students on a budget regarding accommodation. Irrespective of its age, Ajike still has beautiful interiors and quality facilities. I can’t mention Ajike without talking about its best feature – the buttery. This buttery has virtually everything a student wants, excluding perishables. It also operates every day of the week, to the delight of both Ajike occupants and occupants of other hostels.  Quick advice to aspiring occupants of this hostel, never go to the buttery on an empty tummy or excessively hungry. Do you know why? Because you might return with an empty purse or wallet. (chuckles).
  • Amazing Grace Hostel

This is one of the newly built hostels in maintenance. It was completed and commissioned in 2021. Therefore, you have new facilities that are in good condition and of the latest models and designs.  Amazing Grace is one of the hostels in Maintenace with a very beautiful exterior. In addition, the architectural designs of this hostel are also great. Therefore, if you are a picture freak (like me), Amazing Grace is your best bet when looking for an excellent outdoor picture background and location. Also, Amazing Grace hostel seems to be fast taking over the prestige of SHG . Occupants of this hostel are also considered classy and chic. Funny how these two hostels are adjacent to each other. This hostel also features a mini shopping mart that can be mistaken for a shopping mall. Classy huh?
  • Aderonke Adeniyi Hostel

Like Amazing Grace, the Aderonke Adeniyi hostel is newly built in Maintenance. Therefore, its facilities are new and of modern quality. In addition, this hostel happens to be the closest to the shortcut route to campus making it easy for its occupants to get to campus on time. Although, a first glance, this hostel might not look appealing. You may even wonder why it is on the list of the best hostels in Maintenace. However, only a few Maintenace hostel can boost of a more exquisite the interior. This hostel boasts of well-furnished rooms that are comely and alluring.  Unlike most hostels with a combined toilet and bathroom, Aderonke Adeniyi hostel differs by having a separate toilet and bathroom. It also offers its occupants a conducive reading room and a comfy common room. The common room is well designed with furniture that makes relaxing there with friends appealing. There is also a prominent television with an available DSTV subscription. Hence, on a boring weekend, occupants of this hostel can decide to gather at the common room to chill while watching their favorite TV program. How exciting is that?

Final Thoughts

“Maintenance is too expensive,” many students complain. While it might be expensive, the luxury and comfort it offers to its residents is second to none. Whenever you decide to move to enjoy the luxurious and comfortable life of Maintenance, check out the top 5 hostels in Maintenace I discussed in this article. I’m sure you will love them!  
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2 years ago

For the luxury promised in Diamond Luxury none of them are available to the residents except the AC and fridge. You have to pay for your subscription yourself and there is no WiFi
SHG has water problems and constant light issues! Their transformer is always having problems and the porters are extremely lazy to pump water for the residents!

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