Rolling over on your bed, wet all over again. Waking up now, full senses awake; it’s the same story again, only that it keeps getting worse. Just a month ago, we all were shutting the blades; the cold and chilly breeze from rainfall was sensational. Now we lock doors, lights out, curtains in the sky, laying naked like a newborn.

It’s a continental trend; the Heat is stalking. The power supply is just another story for another time. Expert analysis reveals an increase of about 0.07℃ in world temperature on average. Insignificant, it seems, but global warming is rapidly melting our ice creams faster than before. The experience of sleeping with power on and just a few miles into wonderland, power outage, is the norm. Soaked pillows, soaked dreams.


Dry season to most in the sub-Saharan; Summer to the western folks, same demon different regions. The increase in room temperature and body temperature affects all folks; breathing in hot air is an ordeal. Certain aspects of our lives are affected and discussed below.

  • Studies show that heat exposure, when prolonged, could result in heat exhaustion, cramps, heat stroke, and even death. For individuals suffering from a pre-existing health condition such as respiratory (basically breathing), Cardiovascular (the heart), these health issues could worsen.
  • Have you noticed frequent headaches, dizziness, or fainting? Well, welcome to the heat carnival; these are basic signs of heat exhaustion. Loss of electrolytes in the body responsible for body and muscle functions causes these symptoms. A slight rest (zero pills), changing your environment to a cool place, and hydration (drinking water) is what you need.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that yearly, about 688 deaths are caused by Heat. So, death by Heat is no joke; it happens.


I was using my device the other day, and it literally froze. Then I restarted the phone, and it exclaimed, “Temperature! Phones needs to cool down before you can use it.” I couldn’t help but pity it. It was literally boiling, coupled with the fact that I was also charging it.  Now that occurs daily.

While for advanced gadgets like Laptops that have in-built cooling systems, the opposite is the case for phones and smaller devices. Heat affects your devices in the following ways just so you know.

  1. Battery lifespan: as the atmospheric condition worsens and heat increases, gadgets find it unbearable. The fan works faster and louder for laptops in other to catch up with the cooling rate needed to maximize their processors speed; sometimes, they forcefully shut down.

While in phones, severe heat results in an increased chemical reaction in your battery cells. These reactions programmed initially to occur over a long period are now hastened. Leading to quick battery degradation and spoilage.

  1. Display: every device contains a tiny layer of screen protection; excess and prolonged heat could result in damage to this layer. The prolonged boiling also results in cracks on screen for both PCs and phones; gules used in articulating devices even begin to melt due to severe Heat, leading to expansion.
  2. Stress: humans basically breakdown or barely function adequately when subjected to excess stress. The same principles apply to electronic gadgets. When Heat becomes unbearable, they generally slow down, drag, lag, or hang.


I am basically a cyborg. My life resolves on my gadgets, so how do I protect them from Heat? If you are also someone that cares about your devices, the following tips could be helpful.

  • Do not charge on your bed. Avoid charging on surfaces that cushions your body. Any surface soft and comfortable to lay on is terrible for your phones. Charge on hard surfaces. Soft surfaces absorb the heat and block air vents, simultaneously increasing your devices’ temperature.
  • Close down all applications not in use. Avoid loading your devices with apps opened for an extended period. When you close these apps down, the general work done by your phones also reduces.
  • Naked on your devices. When the Heat becomes unbearable for you, you definitely take off your clothing. The same principles apply to devices, especially phones. When heat is severe, remove your pouch and let it enjoy the breeze. Also, while charging, you could remove the pouch; that definitely helps.
  • Clean up vents. That way, air moves in and out faster. Also, avoid using your gadgets in the sunlight. Stick with indoor use as much as possible.
  • Shut down laptops at night, and keep on standby when not in use during the day. Shutting down phones is also helpful. When you decide to take your nap, don’t be selfish. Let your phone on the journey to mystic falls.
  • Now the most challenging of all tips is you should never charge overnight. Quite tricky, I know, but it comes with dangerous effects when you do. Efficiency is a significant issue, battery efficiency in the long run, and phones heat up and sometimes explode. So, ask yourself, is it worth it.


Zero hard and fast rules, mate, essential survival requirement is perspiring and breathing. As much as possible, endeavor to spend less time out-door. Conditioning your environment goes a long way in prolonging your life. Wear sun-shielding clothes, and just as the name implies, they help you with sun-shielding.

Water! Zero enemies. Always drink water, even if you don’t feel the thirst. Make it a habit to have water with you at all times. Also, avoids leaving children or older ones in cars. Heat in a vehicle could increase by twofold in a few minutes, and you would have observed this before. Especially when you switch off the air conditioner.

Back to water, shower often, stay cool and wear light clothes. It’s time to get a hat and a water bottle. If you can control your activities, fix major events around cooler parts of the day. Get a sunshade, it’s not for the fashion now, forget what people would say, it’s for your health.

Remember, Heat is real, Heat kills. Prioritize your health, spend on keeping sane and healthy. Rest as much as possible, shower, sleep a lot, store yourself in a cool and dry place, and lastly, avoid stress.

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2 years ago

Just in time; The heat is indeed killing!?
I enjoyed reading. The practical advices given, taken. And about the usage of sun shade, I guess I have summoned the courage to use it now(Have always cared about what people would say, but as you’ve said “it’s for your (my) health)?.

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