• Entertainment

    The Evolution of Pop Culture in Recent Times

    Pop culture, known as popular culture, depicts the evolving process that reflects changes in a society’s preferences, perspectives, and values. 

  • Tech

    The Rise Of Online Shopping Platforms Over Shopping Stores

    Early 2020 saw a massive reliance of many businesses on online shopping platforms as they desired to increase their sales operations. 

  • Finance

    Impacts of the Cashless Policy on Businesses in Nigeria

    In 2012, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) initiated a new cashless policy to reduce the amount of physical cash in the economy. The idea was to promote electronic payment channels, and ever since then, Nigeria has been moving towards a cashless society. 

  • Fitness

    4 Different Body Parts You Didn’t Know Needed Workouts

    The incessant strike actions are back at our faces, and this one doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. I’m sure you constantly hear, “use this period to learn a skill.” That’s definitely not from parents, because they mostly want you to focus on the books, even when you have not done anything in school. 

  • Travel

    7 Places to Visit in Cape Verde

    Sandy beaches, beautiful landscape, hospitable people, the bluest of water, and you have Cape Verde. Ranked and delivering as one of the most beautiful places on earth, Cape Verde has